John Trotter - born April 4, 1947

I have been making photographs since I was 14 - about 43 years. I started with a 6x6 pentax and went on from there into 35 mm (Canon) and now digital(Fuji S2 Pro).

My formal education is in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. So I have a strong desire to be able to control the results of a photo session (or at least have some idea of what is going to happen).

I was very confused when I was young and reading photographic books and magazines and encountering phrases such as - the negative was Kodak Plus-X developed for 3 minutes in Dektol and printed on polycontrast paper - with no reason given at all for the choice of materials, or timing or anything.

Then I found  Ansel Adams , and the Zone System and all was revealed. From then on I had control of the materials.

The next step is to understand lighting. A very good source of  lighting and posing information are the books of Peter Gowland an early Playboy contributor.

Growing up in the 50s and 60's I found Playboy,  Bettie Page and Bunny Yeager drew my attention. A lot of  my photographs are heavily influenced by these photographers and their work.

( One of the odd points about Miss Page is she had been a school teacher and wanted to be a movie actress, but apparently would not take the casting couch approach and could not get started in Hollywood. )

After my graduation from Texas Tech I was stationed at White Sands Missile Range  which overlaps the White Sands National Monument . During this time I started doing figure photography.

After the Army I returned to Texas Tech for graduate work. Graduate school requires a certain amount of  relaxation, so I continued photography.  During this time I attended meetings of the Professional Photographers of America . At a meeting I  met a man who felt he had enjoyed photography before he tried to make a living at it. So I have not tried to make a commercial career of photography, I just want to enjoy myself .

Since my school required graduate students to teach, I got into the habit and for about 15 years I have been teaching occasional classes in figure photography and will attempt to teach to anyone at any time

After Star Wars came out I have paid a great deal of attention to Cinefex magazine and computer manipulation of images, currently I am trying to do mythological females .

I want to enjoy myself  I want the model to enjoy herself. 

My objective is for the model and the photographer to both like the photographs created.

Since I had fun making them I hope you have fun viewing them.