Class Scheduler
If 5 people schedule a class for a non-class Sunday there can be a class.
Otherwise please select a Sunday designated as a class day.
Class Time is Noon to 6pm.
Check your desired date or dates - Class dates are numbered - Other Sundays depend on someone else also checking for that date. My data base only works with the first 3 entries and ignores dates that have past.
You will be notified by e-mail of the requests including your own. If you send in a new set of preferences it will wipe the old set.
When a class makes you will be notified and at that time you must reserve your spot with a check or money order for half the amount of the course. Model fee and second half of course fee must be brought to class. You will pay model directly.
Course is first come first served. If you send in the fee for a course that is already booked then you money will be refunded or placed on another date of your choice.
Allow time for mail program to execute

Your Name First and Last
Enter Your AGE 18 or up

This information will help me determine how much setup I will need to do for the class.

Question Yes No
Have you done studio photography before?
Do you have a camera able to sync with studio flash equipment?
Have you ever done figure photography?

Please select dates that are possible for you

Month Day PREF Date Class #
Sep Sunday 7
21 1
Oct Sunday 5
19 2
Nov Sunday 2
9 3
Dec Sunday 7
14 4
Jan Sunday 4 5

Allow time for mail program to execute